News: Les Returns to Writing Career

With the sale of the Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency to The Steve Laube Agency, Les is now available for freelance ghostwriting, as a writing coach, for title development, significant writing projects for mission organizations, even newsletters.

During his previous freelance work, while fully employed, he has written newsletters for mission organizations, the Evangelistic Association of New England, and written ad copy for a Christian advertising agency. He’s written curriculum for inner city preteens, middlers and adults for a well-known curriculum publisher, plus small group study guides for Scripture Press and top Thomas Nelson authors, including Gordon MacDonald, Pat Robertson of the 700 Club, and others.

A book he wrote in 1983 called Reconcilable Differences for Jim Talley was just declared out of print. Still selling after 24 years is Discovering the Mind of a Woman, a book he wrote with Ken Nair. He’s done first drafts for two international evangelists, wrote In the Hands of the Potter for Dale Evans Rogers, turned Dr. Erwin Lutzer sermon series into marketable books — one was in print for at least 25 years. He got to write an apologetic book based on a television program for Sun Pictures International in which he had to write a fictionalized version of Bible stories involved. As a result of those assignments, and four years of interviewing top business leaders in Canada for articles in a business magazine he edited, he became a polished interviewer.

Jerry Jenkins bought the Christian Writers Club from Norm Rohrer in late spring of 2001. He asked Les to write a new series of correspondence lessons for hopeful writers, so he wrote 34 for his Apprentice Course and supervised the writing of 16 others by specialists. Then he wrote 20 for the Journeyman Course. After this experience, he became Journalist in Residence at Gordon College through a friend’s recommendation. He was able to test in a classroom setting what he had written in Jerry’s courses.

One of his most unusual and rewarding assignments was to write Bible studies for preteen boys on Bible stories Christian Service Brigade assigned him. He wrote eight studies every year for 10 years based on an approach he developed, in which the young reader would be captivated by a true-to-life story Les started, was stopped for questions on the Bible story, then read the story to the next climax, answered more questions, then read another story segment to a climax, and processed more questions, then moved to the climax. Christian Herald Ministries published a dozen as a book (Les wrote a couple for girls) and the Billy Graham organization picked it up for follow-up with kids who accepted Christ during a crusade. So while he does not consider himself a fiction writer, he’s written fictional stories for boys and fictionalized versions of Bible stories for Mysteries of the Bible. 

3 thoughts on “News: Les Returns to Writing Career

  1. Congratulations Les! What a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and His people! I love you for your persistence, talent, and giving nature. Be blessed kind sir.

  2. Les, You are an inspiration. Even though it has been decades since we worked together at Here’s Life Publishers (HLP), I still have fond memories of you. Do you remember our trip to New York City to meet with Reader’s Digest? This California girl felt like she was standing on the top of world as she wove together her past, present, and future. San Francisco could not compare to this mile-high view of New York City. Childhood, Reader’s Digest memories of laughter and heart-warming stories emerged from her subconscious. At this historical publishing powerhouse, you and I were promoting the value of our HLP books to an editor in hopes of creating a future of collaborative projects. I experienced you as an elder paving the path forward. You projected sincerity, confidence and optimism. Wonderful gifts.

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