News: Steve Laube Agency Acquires Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency

(Phoenix, AZ) Steve Laube, president of The Steve Laube Agency, has announced the acquisition of the Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency.

Les Stobbe has been a part of the Christian publishing industry for 62 years, starting as an editor and book buyer, then publisher, book coach, ghostwriter, and the last 25 as a literary agent. Les has been awarded five Lifetime Achievement Awards by writers’ conferences in the U.S. and Canada. This sale will allow him to focus his future efforts on becoming available as a non-fiction ghostwriter, writing coach and title development specialist. He said, “I have the utmost respect for my brother in Christ, Steve Laube. I’ve known him for almost 30 years. His agency’s oversight will guarantee that my clients will have top level representation for years to come.”

Steve Laube said, “I’m always looking for ways to increase the services our agency provides to current and potential clients. By adding more than 75 authors to our agency, we can create more synergy with our publishing partners and maximize clients’ sales. We look forward to working with these exceptional authors to develop and guide their publishing efforts and extend their reach in multiple markets. This purchase moves us further to fulfill our mission to help change the world, word by word.”

Laube referred to Les Stobbe as “one of the great icons of our industry,” adding that “his legacy to authors and publishing has had far-reaching impact.”

Founded in 2004, The Steve Laube Agency has secured publishing contracts for over 1,000 new books. These include bestselling titles from authors like Lisa Bergren, Nancy Pearcey, Lynette Eason, Susan May Warren, William Lane Craig, Bill & Pam Farrel, A.W. Tozer, Elizabeth Camden, Mary Hunt, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Hugh Ross, Ronie Kendig, Susie Larson, Deborah Raney, Timothy P. Smith, Chris Hudson, Roseanna White, and Stephen M. Miller.

12 thoughts on “News: Steve Laube Agency Acquires Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency

  1. Congratulations to Steve Maybe. He will be abundantly blessed through this acquisition of your business. I have great respect for both of you. God bless you both!

  2. In my somewhat brief encounters with these men, I have developed the greatest respect for Les and Steve, both professionally and personally. My prayer is that they enjoy a smooth transition as they each begin a new dimension of service to authors and to the Lord!

  3. This is what I posted on Steve’s blog when I saw the announcement this morning: I’m going to cry… I still can’t believe Les is retiring. He was my first agent–the first to give me a chance, and he sold my first novel. I’m a student of pitches, and I love pitching, but my pitch with Les in St. Louis in 2014 was the worst ever. It was a last-minute thing – last appointment before the gala. I was tired, my grandma had just died (in Brazil!) the night before, and I couldn’t get anything right out of my mouth. I was shocked when he gave me his card, and even more shocked when he offered to represent me two weeks later. It was definitely a “God moment.” This transition has been incredibly smooth though, and I thank you both for thinking of us and for taking such good care of us during this time of change. I look forward to what’s next in this publishing adventure. May God bless us all 🙂
    Thank you, Les!

  4. Congratulations both Leslie and Steve. Leslie I hope your retirement is blessed. Thank you for being there when I needed advice.

  5. Words are supposed to be our forte’ but there are no words to fully express our gratitude for the years of mentoring, guidance and over-the-top efforts in behalf of us and other writers. A giant in the publishing world, Les, you were the consummate agent and coach. Now you and Rita relax and expect some amazing surprises ahead. – Ever grateful! Bobbe and John

  6. God bless and keep you Les. I will never forget you. You were one of the first people to believe in me. It won’t be the same knowing you’re no longer there, keeping “an eye out” for me, but I trust and respect your decision to work with Steve.

  7. Dear Les: Best wishes for a wonderful and fulfilling retirement. I hope all of the seeds of love, hope and nurture that you have planted in the lives of others come popping up out of the soil producing a bountiful storehouse of goodness that will carry you into this next phase of living. May your days be full of joy.

  8. So excited for what’s ahead for you, Les. Congratulations on a lifetime of achievement in the publishing world. You’re truly an inspiration, and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to meet you – both in 2016 (as a newby) and 2017 (with my first book proposal and manuscript in hand) at HACWN.

    Also thankful for your guidance and instruction on the front side of this transition. Looking forward to what’s yet to come on the other side.

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