Book: The Wonder Within You

thewonderwithinyouThe Wonder Within You

by Carey Wickersham

Twelve years in development, Carey Wickersham’s new book for pregnant women features striking new features, some never seen before in a book of this kind. A full color coffee table size gift book from Focus on the Family Books and Tyndale House, The Wonder Within You is not only beautifully designed but overflowing with practical helps for every mom-to-be, no matter what denomination or ethnicity.

For every week of a pregnancy, Carey, a mother of four and weekend news reporter, has provided:

  • A 3-D ultrasound image of a baby at that week’s stage of development, complete with web links and QR codes that take the smartphone owner to incredible ultrasound videos showing movements of the developing baby.
  • RX for Health by obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Kristen Wootton
  • Nutritional Nugget
  • Did You Know? Provides unique insights
  • Mommy Moments contains lots of comments by moms
  • Prenatal Postcard contains great stories by moms
  • Fun quotes and memorable stories from other moms
  • Space to include your own thoughts and feelings, including letters to your child
  • At the back of the book there’s a pregnancy calendar, followed by stickers to put on the calendar.

With practical advice, up-to-date information about pregnancy and plenty of encouragement, Carey empowers moms-to-be to make better decisions for themselves and their babies. She also joyfully walks alongside the first generation of parents able to actually see each stage of their baby’s development.

Since this book would immediately engage moms-to-be in doctor’s offices, in pre-natal clinics, in pregnancy centers, consider placing one in such locations after gaining permission.

Available for order on Amazon as well as a variety of other places.

One thought on “Book: The Wonder Within You

  1. I love this book. I’ve read the regular week-by-week books, and this is far and away outstanding. It’s personal in so many ways that a normal book cannot be. The development information is not only thorough, but put personally, plus the 3D/4D pictures and videos, journal/letter sections, and everything else make this a great way to really bond with baby and record memories for a lifetime reminiscing. I highly recommend this book!

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