Book: Permission to Doubt

Permission to DoubtPermission to Doubt

One Woman’s Journey into a Thinking Faith

By Ann Sullivan

Ann C. Sullivan has challenged and encouraged thousands of women as an international speaker. In her new book, Ann offers a candid look at the moment her faith and reason collided. Blindsided by doubts, following a 13-year struggle with an undiagnosed panic disorder, Ann learned several valuable lessons. Never shy away from the big questions. Always follow the evidence to its logical conclusion. And genuine truth doesn’t buckle under the bright lights of interrogation.

Permission to Doubt identifies three types of doubt – spiritual, emotional, and intellectual – and develops unique strategies to recognize and understand each. It also details practical step-by-step solutions in which faith can be reinforced in the midst of our struggle. It’s a candid look at what faith is – where it comes from, how it’s threatened, and how it can be strengthened. Using personal examples and an intensely practical approach, Permission to Doubt informs, challenges and encourages those who’d like to take their faith a little deeper.

Book Review in Publishers Weekly

“Finally, a book for those who feel guilty about doubting aspects of their Christian faith. Sullivan, a women’s ministry trainer and Bible teacher, takes the topic of doubt and deconstructs it, segmenting it into ‘Spiritual Doubt,’ ‘Intellectual Doubt,’ and ‘Emotional Doubt.’

“Using her personal struggle with a panic disorder that went undiagnosed for more than a decade, Sullivan recalls points in her life where doubt crept in and started to dismantle her belief system, situation by situation. But instead of giving into her doubts, she embraced them, using them to reinforce her Christian faith.

“Within each section of her book, she takes examples from Scripture and from modern-day and contemporary Christian apologists and pastors to explain how these doubts can provide comfort and faith renewal when addressed thoughtfully and without shame. ‘Questioning a belief system we have been handed isn’t a bad thing,’ she writes. ‘Not only can genuine truth stand up to our doubt, questions are an integral part of growth.’ This book offers readers who may doubt their faith the balm of understanding, letting them know they’re not alone.” –Publishers Weekly Review 

Ann Sullivan’s blog is here.

Permission to Doubt is available for purchase on Amazon.

Published by Kregel Publications.


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