Book: Centralia

by Mike Dellosso

Centralia is a suspense novel. Dellosso is the author of seven suspense novels published by Realms, a Charisma Media imprint, and a novelette published by Tyndale House Publishers. His published titles are: The Hunted (Realms), 2008; Scream (Realms), 2009; Darlington Woods (Realms), 2010; Darkness Follows (Realms), 2011; Frantic (Realms), 2012; A Thousand Sleepless Nights (as Michael King) (Realms), 2012; Rearview (Tyndale), 2012; Fearless (Realms), 2013.

Article: Reflections on A Life of Miracles

By Don Schulze

What persuaded Leia and me to embark on a life of miracles after coming to faith in Christ in our late twenties? Why should I leave a successful career in sales for church planting in Germany, Uganda, Rwanda? My answer is that reading the New Testament left us no alternative, as I reveal in my book A Life of Miracles.

Book: The Wonder Within You

by Carey Wickersham

Twelve years in development, Carey Wickersham’s new book for pregnant women features striking new features, some never seen before in a book of this kind. A full color coffee table size gift book from Focus on the Family Books and Tyndale House, The Wonder Within You is not only beautifully designed but overflowing with practical helps for every mom-to-be, no matter what denomination or ethnicity.

Book: A Life of Miracles

By Don Schulze

Loaded with amazing real world miracles in the author’s church planting in California, Germany, Uganda, Rwanda, plus ministries in other countries. As a new Christian he didn’t know miracles were supposed to have happened only in the early church, so when he was asked to pray for people he expected God to act. And he did.