Article: A Matter of Encouragement

The apostle Paul is known for many things, but what really stands out for me is his ministry of encouragement. I was in my early 20s and wondering what God might have for me when I decided to read the apostle Paul’s letters to highlight only his promises. It became a life-changing experience and the promises I read then still resonate in my soul well over 60 years later.

Bethany, Gerry, and Les

Article: The Impact of a Family Faith Heritage

Is there really such a thing as God honoring a family’s Christian faith commitment into the third and fourth generation? I’m aware that history reveals some families with a remarkable pattern of Christian faith being passed on from generation to generation. Recent events have forcibly reminded me that I and my family also represent a similar pattern. So to encourage parents, let me tell our story.

God Moments (22): Yes, Publishers Do Blow It

Publishing has always been rife with rumors of publishers misjudging the potential of a book. For years Publishers Weekly would run an article on “sure-fire bestsellers” that were busts. Sometimes it is editors in the acquisitions department simply misjudging a book’s appeal—and sometimes it is marketing leaders applying what I call conventional wisdom to a book proposal.

Article: Dream Killers

By Tez Brooks

“What makes you think people want to read your poems?” Michael stared at me like the Pope.

My mouth dropped. I couldn’t decide if I was hurt or ticked off. Michael held a position of spiritual authority over me. He raised his eyebrows, demanding an answer.

“I thought my poetry might help someone.”

God Moments (11): Entering the World of Book Clubs

When you are leaving a publisher for another one, what kind of farewell should you expect? I was obviously not going to a competitor of Moody Press, since the Christian Herald Association was known for its magazine and its book clubs, not its book publishing program. Despite that it came as quite a surprise when I was invited to have lunch with Dr. George Sweeting, president of Moody Bible Institute. Even though I had been acquiring editor for several of his books, I wondered what was on his agenda.