60 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds by Dr. Robert Lesslie, M.D.

Book: 60 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds (or More)

By Dr. Robert D. Lesslie M.D.

Dr. Lesslie, bestselling author of Angels in the ER series, rises above the noise and takes a refreshing, reasonable, and encouraging approach to the topic of weight loss. He answers the key questions usually asked about weight loss programs, while providing safe and effective ideas for slimming down.

At Heaven's Edge

Book: At Heaven’s Edge

by Andrea Jo Rodgers

After surviving an elevator accident in which rising water put her and her young son at heaven’s edge, Andrea Rodger decided to tell faith-based stories from 25 years as a rescue unit volunteer saving lives after accidents, fires, heart attacks and other events that placed children, young people and adults at heaven’s edge.

Thank God for Atheists

Book: Thank God for Atheists

by Timothy M. Morgan

Where do you go with a seminary degree, yet with two pastoral experiences that shake your faith in God? In Chapter One the author describes his descent into disbelief and foray into the most popular atheist writers—and turned him back to Christianity. The rest of the book is a presentation of what these atheistic writers believe, with message inserts leading to the debunking of atheist positions farther into the book.

News: Angel Series Books by Dr. Lesslie on Sale Now

As a literary agent I’m vitally interested in helping authors think marketing. But I also occasionally make suggestions to publishers, since I once ran bookstores and did marketing copy for books. After Zondervan’s sale price in June for The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast produced sales exceeding expectations—and I read that angels were again on shopper minds—I contacted Harvest House about sale efforts for Dr. Robert Lesslie’s angel series. I discovered they had already made plans to do exactly that.