60 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds by Dr. Robert Lesslie, M.D.

Book: 60 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds (or More)

By Dr. Robert D. Lesslie M.D.

Dr. Lesslie, bestselling author of Angels in the ER series, rises above the noise and takes a refreshing, reasonable, and encouraging approach to the topic of weight loss. He answers the key questions usually asked about weight loss programs, while providing safe and effective ideas for slimming down.

News: Angel Series Books by Dr. Lesslie on Sale Now

As a literary agent I’m vitally interested in helping authors think marketing. But I also occasionally make suggestions to publishers, since I once ran bookstores and did marketing copy for books. After Zondervan’s sale price in June for The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast produced sales exceeding expectations—and I read that angels were again on shopper minds—I contacted Harvest House about sale efforts for Dr. Robert Lesslie’s angel series. I discovered they had already made plans to do exactly that.

when you need an angel

Book: When You Need an Angel

When You Need an Angel by Dr. Robert D. Lesslie, MD A beautiful gift book featuring more “Amazing and Inspiring True Stories.” Lesslie is also the author of Angels in the ER, which sold so well it spawned a series of “angel” story collections. Published by Harvest House.