Book: Street Smarts from Proverbs

Street Smarts from ProverbsStreet Smarts from Proverbs

By Mitch Kruse, with D.J. Williams


Mitch Kruse was riding high as owner, CEO, and auctioneer of the world’s largest collector car sales organization when a friend confronted him with a life-altering question: “Have you ever thought of changing the scorecard of your life from money to wisdom?” His pursuit to find the answer sparked a lifelong journey through the ultimate wisdom book, Proverbs. To enter on his search for wisdom he sold his collector car auction business to eBay, then entered Trinity Theological Seminary and gained both a Masters and Ph.D. degree. He has a local ministry as pastor and an international ministry on radio and through online media. His collaborator, D.J. Williams, has had a music recording business, is a television writer and director, and author of two novels, The Disillusioned and Waking Lazarus.

Street Smarts from Proverbs introduces Solomon’s twelve words of wisdom:

  • Righteousness, equity, and justice
  • Wise behavior, understanding, and wise communication
  • Prudence, discretion, and wise counsel
  • Discipline, knowledge, and learning

Each is paired with a real life story of someone who experienced God’s miraculous restoration after humbling their hearts before God. It explains, illustrates and applies each of the twelve words, providing an easy-to-understand, yet life-transforming step-by-step process to assimilate each trait of wisdom.

Street Smarts from Proverbs gives memorable prompts for the reader to recall every point with the purpose of applying it to conflict at work, with family, among friends, and in ministry. It provides tangible tools to be shrewd yet harmless in business dealings; to separate wisdom from foolishness through discretion, and to seek wise counsel for life’s decisions.

Six pages of glowing endorsements by leaders in business, education, sports, and ministry.

Available in clothbound format wherever books are sold in bookstores and online.

Published by FaithWords of the Hachette Book Group.

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