Book: Red Pen Redemption

Red Pen Redemption by Lori Stanley RoeleveldRed Pen Redemption

By Lori Stanley Roeleveld

Helen Bancroft, an eighty-one-year-old, widowed, Newport, RI, socialite has led a good life. She was married to one man, raised three children, enjoyed a career as a journalist and an editor, and participated in numerous charitable works. It baffles her that her conservative Christian daughter, Katherine (Kat), continues to push her to “accept Jesus.” What frustrates Helen more, though, is that her favorite grandson, Harry, is wasting his mind on theology when she thinks he should be pursuing more important life studies.

On Christmas Eve, Kat and Helen argue when Helen insists that her life is good enough to gain entrance into heaven without Jesus’ help. In a heated moment, Helen dares God to find enough bad in her life to condemn her. What happens then is a tour through her life and her connections to family and historical developments—ultimately resulting in her surrendering to the God she challenged.

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