New Book Contracts

Non-fiction Contracts

Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, and Restore Your Sanity by Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD. FaithWords of the Hachette Group.. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith contends that our 21st century lives reek of exhaustion. We now live longer than our ancestors, but spend less time living life, and more time fighting death. They died quickly from wearing out their bodies; we die slowly from wearing out our minds. We are busy doing, being, and becoming with little regard to the people we ignore and the moments we miss. There is value in work and there is value in rest; both are vital for a life well lived.  Just as the surface of a river displays the beauty of the sky when it is undisturbed, so the soul reflect the image of God when it enters into sacred rest.

Dream Symbols and Beyond: Applying Biblical Principles to Dream Interpretation by Marsha Trimble Dunston. Chosen Books. The author asks, “Should intelligent people take dream interpretation seriously? Or, is it just for the unenlightened?” The engineer author shows readers how to balance God’s Word with dream interpretation. Armed with biblical symbols, this book reveals dreams as lucid, living, and accurate. Written in the powerful fast-paced language of story, this book is designed for people who believe God speaks to us through the Bible—and sometimes through dreams and visions. The author combines practical application and thought-provoking anecdotes to show dreams have meaning and purpose. Readers experience fun, tears, and have their own “ah hah” moments as they learn.

Rhinestones on My Flip Flops by Jane Jenkins Herlong. FaithWords of the Hachette Group. Jane Jenkins Herlong, is a thought-provoking Southern humorist, professional national speaker, and concert artist—and author of three books. The focus is on nine biblical women who experienced the ups and downs of life, humorously presented and illustrated with stories from life. This book is loaded with scriptural take-home wisdom and common-sense timeless truths from the author’s life on a farm and as beauty queen and speaker.

There’s a Reason Why They Call It – Grandparenting by Michele Howe. Hendrickson Publishers. The author offers grandparents (and their adult children and grandchildren by association) thirty specific ways to inspire, encourage, love, and lead their growing families to a vibrant life in Christ. Grandparenting means diverse things to different families and yet there are underlying biblical principles that govern all relationships. This text will provide a Godward foundation to propel grandparents into the role that could literally alter the next generation. Whether grandparents are also well into the role of supporting their extended families or anticipating the birth of their first grandchild, this book will present each grandparent with lots of fresh and creative ways to shower love on their families.

936 Pennies: How a Jar of Coins Forever Changed the Way I Parent by Eryn Lynum. Bethany House Publishers. In 936 Pennies, parents will discover how to capture time and use it to its fullest potential in raising their children. Parents are given a sobering visual reminder of how fleeting time is through a jar filled with 936 pennies. Each penny represents one week a parent has with their child before that child turns eighteen. Parents are instructed to remove one penny a week, as a reminder that time is running out. They are then challenged to “invest” that penny to its greatest potential; making the most of the time they have with their children.

Through personal stories and strong Biblical examples, parents will learn how to break free from the guilt and regrets that often permeate parenthood, freeing them to enjoy and invest in the time they have with their kids. They will learn how to practice biblical decision making in raising their children. They will glean ideas for how to “stretch” time and make it richer through quality and intentional family time.

At Heaven’s Doorstep: True Stories of Faith and Rescue by Andrea Jo Rodgers. Harvest House Publishers. In this sequel to At Heaven’s Edge, a 27-year veteran as EMT volunteer and now doctor of physical therapy, shares extraordinary moments during her years as a volunteer with her local rescue squad, during which she experienced first-hand the loving presence of Jesus Christ in her life as well as in the lives of others who called 911 because they needed help.

Devotional Book Contribution Contracts

Penny Hunt received a Worthy Books contract to write devotions for a collection.

Kathleen Ruckman received a Guideposts Books contract to write devotions for a collection.

Fiction Contracts

The Last Aliyah by Mark Alan Leslie. Elk Lake Publishing. In this suspense novel the United Nations passes Resolution 014-666, outlawing Jewish emigration from any country into the nation of Israel. And when the U.S. Congress acquiesces—in the middle of the last night before its summer recess—a massive clampdown ensues to stop any Jew from leaving the country for Israel or any country, such as Canada, that has not agreed to the travel ban. Ten Jews, in particular, are on the American government’s A-List of Jewish VIPs who should be prevented from emigration. Topping this list is Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Omri Zohn of MIT, whose breakthrough research into affordable nuclear fusion is seen as critical to the nation. The storyline develops the escape of Omri and four others to Israel through a modern “underground railway” despite the all-out efforts of agents of the Department of Homeland Security.

Betrayed Birthright, a Love Inspired suspense by Liz Phelps. Abigail Mayfield is unaware she’s the sole heir to an international company worth billions. Someone wants her dead and she flees to Blessing, Texas until she can figure out who’s after her and why. What she finds is a host of dark, terrifying secrets. Sheriff Noah Galloway helps her dig into her family’s shadowed past and together they expose a hidden, deadly legacy. Oh, and they fall in love.

Joy Like No Other, Mercy Like No Other, and Grace Like a Whisper by Edna Allen. A three-book historical romance contract from Pelican Ventures LLC. Each novel is the story of one of three sisters who responded to a Texas mail order advertisement for brides. The first, Joy Like No Other features Joy, whose dreams shatter when her intended groom fails to live up to promises. Will the poor Kansas farm girl survive the rejection? Or through God’s faithful guidance, can she find love unexpectedly?

Boundless, by Delores Lutz, under contract with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, is a historical novel based on the life of a remarkable American woman, Dr. Kathryn Bushnell (1855-1946). Dr. Bushnell was one of only five women in medical school and turned down a marriage opportunity to go as medical doctor to China. Injured, she returned after three years and set out to rescue women from sexual slavery in Red Light districts in Denver, Chicago, Indiaand in Wisconsin lumber camps.  Her passion for God and compassion for abused women enables her as a lone crusader to expose the truth to skeptical Wisconsin lawmakers. She read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek and spoke five languages. Her ground-breaking book, God’s Word to Women, based on her study of the Bible in its original languages, is still available.

The story of Dr. Katharine Bushnell, like Wilberforce’s, is significant in both world and church history, but little known by the general public. She provides a role model for contemporary women battling trafficking of sex slaves. In Boundless readers see Dr. Bushnell living out a deep love for God and defying the Victorian conventions of her time. Dr. Bushnell’s is a story of heroism that can enrich and challenge the life of women today.