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Boundless, by Delores Lutz, under contract with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, is a historical novel based on the life of a remarkable American woman, Dr. Kathryn Bushnell (1855-1946). Dr. Bushnell was one of only five women in medical school and turned down a marriage opportunity to go as medical doctor to China. Injured, she returned after three years and set out to rescue women from sexual slavery in Red Light districts in Denver, Chicago, Indiaand in Wisconsin lumber camps.  Her passion for God and compassion for abused women enables her as a lone crusader to expose the truth to skeptical Wisconsin lawmakers. She read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek and spoke five languages. Her ground-breaking book, God’s Word to Women, based on her study of the Bible in its original languages, is still available.

The story of Dr. Katharine Bushnell, like Wilberforce’s, is significant in both world and church history, but little known by the general public. She provides a role model for contemporary women battling trafficking of sex slaves. In Boundless readers see Dr. Bushnell living out a deep love for God and defying the Victorian conventions of her time. Dr. Bushnell’s is a story of heroism that can enrich and challenge the life of women today.

The Planter’s Daughter, by Michelle Shocklee, a historical romance from the Civil War era, has been put under contract by Prism Book Group. In it change is coming to Rose Hill plantation in Texas. With Mama gone and Papa determined to find a husband for Adella Rose Ellis, the future looks uncertain. When Papa returns from Galveston, where he’d gone to purchase new slaves, Adella is shocked to discover the handsome stranger with a distinct limp arriving with Papa is not only the son of her father’s longtime friend, but also the new overseer of Rose Hill plantation. Though Seth seems a gentleman, past experience reminds Adella that all overseers are cut from the same, unsavory cloth. That sets the stage for a romance that ends in an elopement.

To Love a Viking, first novel in the Tavland Series by Jen Cudmore, has been put under contract by Helping Hands Press. Set in Scandinavia at the end of the tenth century, To Love a Viking is the first of four historical romances. It features two women struggling to understand their worth in a male-dominated society. A freed slave-turned-warrior, determined to win a place in the all-male Viking army, agrees to help a vulnerable housewife who struggles to please her abusive husband and forget the only man she ever loved. When the husband is killed, the widow marries the man who always loved her and sought to protect her. Jen’s blog is here.