News: Les Stobbe Meets Josh McDowell at Truth for a New Generation Conference

Les and Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell with Les at the Truth for a New Generation Conference.

Forty years ago as editor of Moody Press, Les Stobbe gave permission for Campus Crusade staffer Josh McDowell to extensively quote from three Moody Press apologetic books in Evidence that Demands a Verdict, his first major apologetics book for high school and university students.

In 1982 Les became editorial director at Here’s Life Publishers and worked closely with Josh McDowell for 11 years on books focusing on apologetics, Bible study, false cults, and the Why Wait? series of books.

Josh still actively lectures on contemporary issues, apologetics, and teen purity, in countries in the North America, South America, China, East Europe, and Russia.

Today he writes books with his son Sean, already gaining a reputation as a premier speaker on some of the same subjects as his father.

Both Josh and Sean were keynote speakers at the Charlotte, NC, Truth for a New Generation Conference sponsored by North Greenville University, with Alex McFarlane as conference director.

Lodz Torah Scroll

For his keynote address at the apologetic conference on the incredible care Jewish scribes took in copying the Torah scrolls, Josh placed the 72-foot long Lodz Torah Scroll, copied many centuries ago in a small German town on the border with Poland, on tables on the platform at the Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. He permitted audience members to use magnifying glasses to examine in closer detail the amazing detail of the letters on the scroll. Josh stands in the middle on the right side answering questions.

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