Article: Encouragement Leads to Guidepost’s Grand Prize

By Lorene Masters

After my first writer’s conference two years ago, I learned that the world of writing is full of intelligent, cutting-edge agents and publishers who are not afraid to tell you how they really feel. And how I sincerely wished that they would not be so bold when it came to me and the critiquing of my proposal letters and manuscripts. Their critique was all over the board from, “you are a gifted writer with a great story that needs to be told,” to “you need to start all over and write this as fiction,” and “who told you that you could write memoirs because you clearly cannot and you must not have read very many of them or you would know how to write one.”

Article: A Place Where Faith Triumphs

By Lori Hatcher

The mountain breezes are cool as we snake our way up the interstate to the Ridgecrest Conference Center. My fellow writers and I are on our way to the legendary Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina, the second largest annual gathering of Christian writers in the nation. BRMCWC has a reputation as the place where careers are launched, visions are realized, and years of hard work find their reward.

Article: Dream Killers

By Tez Brooks

“What makes you think people want to read your poems?” Michael stared at me like the Pope.

My mouth dropped. I couldn’t decide if I was hurt or ticked off. Michael held a position of spiritual authority over me. He raised his eyebrows, demanding an answer.

“I thought my poetry might help someone.”

Article: Reflections on A Life of Miracles

By Don Schulze

What persuaded Leia and me to embark on a life of miracles after coming to faith in Christ in our late twenties? Why should I leave a successful career in sales for church planting in Germany, Uganda, Rwanda? My answer is that reading the New Testament left us no alternative, as I reveal in my book A Life of Miracles.

basketball hoop

Article: Put Me in, Coach

By Sally Apokedak

As we trudge down the long publishing road, hoping for our first (or our next) contract, it’s tempting to give in to envy. I’ve heard about “writer envy” on many writers’ email loops.