Article: A Matter of Encouragement

The apostle Paul is known for many things, but what really stands out for me is his ministry of encouragement. I was in my early 20s and wondering what God might have for me when I decided to read the apostle Paul’s letters to highlight only his promises. It became a life-changing experience and the promises I read then still resonate in my soul well over 60 years later.

Bethany, Gerry, and Les

Article: The Impact of a Family Faith Heritage

Is there really such a thing as God honoring a family’s Christian faith commitment into the third and fourth generation? I’m aware that history reveals some families with a remarkable pattern of Christian faith being passed on from generation to generation. Recent events have forcibly reminded me that I and my family also represent a similar pattern. So to encourage parents, let me tell our story.


Article: Why I Am Fussy with Book Proposals

After spending valuable time telling a potential client what she still needed to add to her proposal, I sent her a note pointing out the following:

The proposal is your marketing tool when I, as agent, present your book project to editors. You have to think of three levels of scrutiny at a publisher.