Book: Angel in Aisle 3

Angel in Aisle 3Angel in Aisle 3: A Mysterious Vagrant, a Convicted Bank Executive, and the Unlikely Friendship That Saved Both Their Lives 

by Kevin West with Frederick Edwards

This true story reveals how one of society’s most discarded persons rescues a disgraced bank vice president and his family. After Kevin West is fired as vice president of his bank for making fraudulent loans, he begins working in a small grocery store he owns as he awaits imprisonment. Estranged from his wife and family, he can only cry out to God. And God’s answer is an unusual one. An elderly man named Don in a soiled shirt, tattered pants, and greasy hair and beard asks for credit to buy basic food products. While Kevin collects them, the mysterious stranger sees an open Bible—and starts a conversation on what the Bible contains, saying, “Jesus is revealed from cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelation.” He begins visiting the store every week, illuminating truths from his tattered Bible new to Kevin. The two are drawn into a friendship over the next two years that not only changes Kevin’s life, saving his marriage, but also the life of the mysterious stranger. 

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Published by Howard Books.

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