News: And the Winners Are

My congratulations to clients who made their way to the front at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference to accept their awards. They represent a lot of hard work as they developed the skills necessary to become winners.

Selah Awards

Topping the list was Lori Roeleveld’s Jesus and the Beanstalk, which was awarded the Director’s Choice Award. This faith-strengthening book is based on 2 Peter 1:1-11 and challenges us to tackle the giants in the strength Jesus supplies.

Winner in the Selah category of published Mystery Suspense was Michael Hicks Thompson for his novel The Rector.

Kathryn S. Moore’s Angel Beneath My Wheels was a finalist in the Selah category of First Novel. I have learned there is very little difference between a finalist and the winner in fiction categories, so I consider Kathryn Moore a real winner.

Foundation Awards

Deborah Sprinkle gained first place for her article “What If … Howard Thurman Never Got on that Train?” But she also took third place for Romantic Suspense novels for “Deadly Guardian.”

Starr Ayers came in second in the devotionals category with “Eighth Day of the Week.” But Starr Ayers gained first place in the Contemporary Women’s Fiction category for Beyond the Rainbow.

Tez Brooks, a non-fiction client, ventured into Flash Fiction and took second place with “Pink.”

I challenge writers to attend Christian writers conferences to not only learn a lot more about their craft, but also to test their skill against other entries in the various contests. If they don’t win, that should merely be motivation to increase their skill level and a year later again enter the contest.

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