An Extraordinary Experience: A Lifetime Achievement Award

Lori Hatcher speaking at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference during presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Les Stobbe. Seated, from left, Lillian Stobbe, granddaughter, Rita Stobbe and Les Stobbe. Photograph by Mary Denman.

Lori Hatcher speaking during presentation of the award. Seated, from left, Lillian Luce, granddaughter, Rita Stobbe and Les Stobbe. Photograph by Mary Denman.

Monday night, May 23, I was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Close to an hour of comments, written, vocal, and video from people I helped in their publishing career: Jerry Jenkins, Dennis Rainey, John Maxwell, and many more. My wife Rita and Lillian, our granddaughter, thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved seeing my wife laugh and laugh and just enjoy being with me as the positive comments kept coming.

Sally Apokedak, my associate, and Austin Boyd, client, put in many hours contacting people and putting the program elements together.  I was asked to give a quickie inspirational talk at the end, so I wrote it out carefully – and then forgot it in my room. So prayerfully I stepped up and just shared how God got me into the business and kept growing me in it.

So many comments from people since then on what an inspirational evening it was for them. To my amazement, Austin Boyd, the MC, and Steve Laube, a very well-known agent I got to join us on the board of Here’s Life Publishers, and others, since then have reiterated my final comments had been a perfect ending to the evening. To God be the Glory.

Since 1995 this is my fourth version of a lifetime achievement award presented at a Christian writers conference. The others were plaques and impressive in their own way. This one is a bronze lighthouse and a clear glass panel beside it with the award statement. A work of art.


9 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Experience: A Lifetime Achievement Award

  1. Congratulations Mr. Leslie Stobbe!

    I truly desired to be at that conference if it was primarily to just meet you Sir!

    What an amazing God we serve…working obviously still through you. You deserve it!!!

    With great respect &admiration
    Tonya Lee Carrie

  2. Leslie the only reason I was MIA this year at BRMCWC is because I’m dedicating those funds to attend ACFW for my first time. I would have seriously considered going had I known they were presenting you this well deserved award. You and your God Moments are an inspiration.

    Today I ran into Billy Graham’s granddaughter and her husband Coach Wright at my granddaughter’s awards ceremony. I worked with the Coach when our son played football for him. He was the first person who asked if I had thought of writing devotionals because he had been encouraged by the weekly messages I sent to the parents of our football team members.
    One day I’ll look back at those special people like yourself who have encouraged me in my writing. Thank you.

  3. And what a light you are in this business, Les. May God continue to use you to inspire, encourage, and help writers proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. Thank you for your example.


  4. Congratulations Les! That is wonderful, and I know your hard work deserves such a recognition. How neat that your wife and granddaughter could be there also.

  5. Les,
    Congratulations, what a wonderful recognition!
    It has been such a blessing knowing you and working with you over the last several years.
    And credit to Rita for accompanying you on the incredible journey you two have lived in service to God!
    Thanks for the advice, friendship and inspiration,
    Tim Moynihan

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