News: An Amazing Fast

Kristen Feola reports that 5,120 signed up for participation in “Press On,” Kristen’s January online Daniel Fast, more than twice as many as in January, 2013. Amazingly, 51,176 unique visitors showed up on her website the first day of the Fast, with an unprecedented over 800,000 unique visitors to her website for the month of January.

One of the Daniel Fast participants wrote: “I’ve been unemployed since September. Although I’ve had temporary jobs, I didn’t work at all in December. I’ve been feeling pretty low and desperate. When I decided to do the Daniel Fast, I made employment my prayer focus. The day after my fast was over, I received a call from a job I interviewed for last month. They asked me to come in for round two of the interview process. The second day after my fast, my former employer called to let me know about an opening and gave me someone to contact. I emailed the contact, and he responded within fifteen minutes. He said the job was mine if I wanted it! I cried. Praise God! I feel like a weight has been lifted.”

For more testimonies of what God accomplished in the lives of those participating in the online Daniel Fast go to To see what God can do in your life through the Daniel Fast read Kristen’s book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, available at your local Christian bookstore or from Amazon as paperback, hardcover, kindle, or audiobook.

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