Agency Endorsements

“I didn’t actually find Les Stobbe, his reputation in the publishing industry “found me.” Time after time, I kept hearing his name repeated and it was always associated with such terms as, “highest integrity, excellence, commitment…” So, smart me, I went looking for Les!

“From the very first contact, Les’s approach was straightforward, honest, and direct. I knew from the outset Les wouldn’t waste my time or his own. This was so refreshing to me as a busy freelancer and reviewer.

“It is true that we are known by those we associate with, and it’s been an honor to be represented by Les, a man who daily lives out those high standards by which he espouses through the written word. I rest easy knowing Les is “on my side” and always looking out for my best interests. Les has vision and he imparts it to me on a regular basis!”

  • Michele Howe ( is author of eight books, book reviewer for Publishers Weekly and other publications. Her book, Burdens Do a Body Good, was released by Hendrickson Publishers.

“Les Stobbe is the consummate literary agent, not just because he is known and respected throughout the Christian publishing industry, but because he’s devoted to his clients. Les persistently ushered my first and second novels through one publishing house after another until he found the right fit for each book. And he did it with integrity and the warmth of a caring father.”

“As an unpublished author without a national platform, I was thrilled when Les agreed to accept me as a client. I was even more thrilled when he did not drop me after my first book proposal was rejected. Rather than dismiss my writing ambitions, Les pushed me to dig deeper and to find the story that only I could tell. His encouragement and guidance through the writing of my second proposal successfully lead to a publication contract. I am grateful for his persistence and mentoring.”

“Les Stobbe is a wonderful agent, very well-connected, with a big heart to see writers succeed.  He is especially helpful to new writers or those wrestling to get that first publication.  I was excited when I first met  him and that excitement has continued to blossom as writer and agent work together to announce truth and grace in written projects.  Les is awesome.”

“I don’t know if there’s anyone in the Christian book industry who knows more about publishing than Les Stobbe. He successfully landed me my first publishing contract in a very short time and has negotiated me better contracts three times over now. His experience, resources, contacts, and wisdom are invaluable to any author needing an agent to guide him or her through the murky waters of the book business.”

  • Mike Dellosso (, author of four novels, including Scream and Darlington Woods, with Realms, a book division of Strang Communications.

“You have helped thousands of writers during your career Les, in conferences and as a literary agent. We truly appreciate your wisdom and talents.”

  • Deanna Waters, Winnipeg, Canada, left a comment on Les’s network update

“Les is a joy to work with. As a literary agent, he not only has the experience and knowledge that new writers must pursue in order to be published but he also displays a willingness to share these things with those around him (both clients and peers). He is not stingy with his time; he’s willing to guide his clients in the right direction like a good shepherd leads his flock. Though we’ve only been working together a short time, I’m excited for what the future may hold for us both. Thanks Les!”

  • Ben Erlichman on

“You are a genius! I know where I went wrong and you opened my eyes to it and transformed my thinking! I needed a whack on my head. You gave that to me! I appreciate your time and for being honest with me. You have provided some valuable clues. Again, thank you for being patient with me and the time you lavishly spent to communicate with me.”

  • Dr. Matthew Isaac