God Moments (4): Responding to a Friend’s Challenge

Since I’d committed to serve the Lord on a worldwide basis, why should I accept a challenge by a Canadian friend? Answer: because it was a bodacious challenge.

George Derksen and I became acquainted when he was a newspaper reporter in Winnipeg, Canada. What I did not know was that he harbored a dream far bigger than a job at a newspaper. My involvement in that dream started with me daring to criticize a new publishing project of his, a business magazine for his home province, Manitoba.

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Article: Put Me in, Coach

By Sally Apokedak

As we trudge down the long publishing road, hoping for our first (or our next) contract, it’s tempting to give in to envy. I’ve heard about “writer envy” on many writers’ email loops.

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God Moments (2): Becoming Kenneth N. Taylor’s Manuscript Review Editor

To portray how another God moment developed I have to begin at Christmas 1954, when seven of us students at Mennonite Brethren Bible College in Winnipeg boarded a bus with Intervarsity students from two universities for Urbana, IL. We joined about 15,000 being challenged to be missionaries. I got two interviews, one with the director of Radio ELWA in Africa and the other with Kenneth N. Taylor, director of Moody Press.