Book: The Wonder Within You

by Carey Wickersham

Twelve years in development, Carey Wickersham’s new book for pregnant women features striking new features, some never seen before in a book of this kind. A full color coffee table size gift book from Focus on the Family Books and Tyndale House, The Wonder Within You is not only beautifully designed but overflowing with practical helps for every mom-to-be, no matter what denomination or ethnicity.


God Moments (11): Entering the World of Book Clubs

When you are leaving a publisher for another one, what kind of farewell should you expect? I was obviously not going to a competitor of Moody Press, since the Christian Herald Association was known for its magazine and its book clubs, not its book publishing program. Despite that it came as quite a surprise when I was invited to have lunch with Dr. George Sweeting, president of Moody Bible Institute. Even though I had been acquiring editor for several of his books, I wondered what was on his agenda.


God Moments (8): My Jewish Connection

What happens when an innovative evangelistic product offends the sensibilities of influential people? In the late 1960s the editorial team at Moody Press became an active proponent of a creative evangelistic and discipling tool, a magazine they called Emit, Time spelled backwards. It purported to have been published during the last year or so of Jesus’ life, including news reports on Jesus trial, crucifixion and resurrection.

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News: Les at Write to Publish Conference

Forty-one years ago Les, then editor of Moody Press, and Glenn Arnold, journalism professor at Moody Bible Institute, decided to initiate a writing seminar. Initially a two-week course with college credit, it eventually morphed into a three-day conference.