God Moments (14): The High Cost of Success

The last installment introduced the God Moments that transformed Here’s Life Publishers from a money-losing struggle into a profitable publishing house, however, as I will reveal later, the cost was higher than anyone anticipated. But before I reveal the details leading to the sale of Here’s Life Publishers I’ll introduce tools for evangelism and discipleship we published to enhance the ministry of our parent, Campus Crusade for Christ.

Josh McDowell and Les Stobbe

God Moments (13): Tackling a Financial Crisis

How can God turn an overwhelming debt load at a publishing house into a series of God Moments? At Here’s Life Publishers we were a for profit subsidiary of Campus Crusade for Christ, with the chairman of the Board the executive vice-president of Crusade. What I did not realize when I arrived as editorial director was that Here’s Life Publishers was being kept afloat by regular draws on a “slush fund” at Crusade, that our losses would be half a million on sales of just over two million the year I arrived.


Book: Permission to Doubt

By Ann Sullivan

Ann C. Sullivan has challenged and encouraged thousands of women as an international speaker. In her new book, Ann offers a candid look at the moment her faith and reason collided. Blindsided by doubts, following a 13-year struggle with an undiagnosed panic disorder, Ann learned several valuable lessons. Never shy away from the big questions. Always follow the evidence to its logical conclusion. And genuine truth doesn’t buckle under the bright lights of interrogation.